What kind of lighting should be suitable for production halls and warehouses? LED!

Most production halls are equipped with luminaires compatible with traditional linear lamps and high-bay luminaires. Traditional lamps represent fluorescent technology which is already outdated and underdeveloped. It is due to mercury they contain, which is harmful to the environment.

High-bay lamps are metal halide and sodium lamps which are intended for use in high production halls and warehouses. It is a high performance lighting but has many defects. The lamps are overheating and are not environment-friendly. In addition to this, if they are often switched on and off they tend to break down and need to be frequently replaced. The cost of the replacement is high if we add to the cost of a new lamp the cost of a lift mechanism and losses caused by work station downtime.

Therefore, nowadays it is recommended to illuminate production halls and magazines with modern LED luminaires which have a much longer life expectancy and ensure cost-efficiency.

Why choose LED lighting?

The lighting in a hall must ensure a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment. It should also be cost-effective and practical. Therefore, LED lighting is the best solution. Its main advantages include cost-efficiency and high performance, which translates into a longer lifecycle without the frequent necessity to replace the sources of light. It should also be pointed out that luminaires featuring LED technology provide a full light stream immediately after being switched on and provide the light of the same intensity throughout the time of its operation.

In addition to this, with the high value of a colour rendering index similar to that of daylight, LEDs are good at rendering the colours of the surrounding area. They are also environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury, lead or other harmful substances and they consume less energy, which reduces the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere.

Despite the fact that LED industrial lighting is not cheap, it is worth investing in as it saves money in the long run. With the increasing number of new LED luminaire models, the cost of the lighting installation may pay back even after a year. The most innovative products allow you to significantly reduce energy consumption, and this is what owners of production halls and warehouses aim at.

Designing luminaires

Execution of luminaires – linear
Aluminium profile, monoblock
High heat dissipation
Ultra-light luminaires (3-5 kg)

profil alu1

A large quantity of diodes (up to 900)
Aluminium printed circuit 35-45% maximum LED powerLuminaire performance up to 145 lm/in


Luminaire – monoblock

The length of the luminaire – 1.5m
Power 135W – 240In
Ambient temperature 45°C
Easy cleaning: yes/ no
TouchDIM, MTP, Corridor: yes

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